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9 PhD student positions on Adaptive Distributed Systems

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) is offering 9 PhD student positions within the doctoral program „Adaptive Distributed Systems“, which will be launched in Fall 2012.

Each PhD student position is funded for three years (15 hours per week regular employment contract with full social benefits). The yearly salary is 13,293 Euros before taxes. Depending on potential cofunding via associated projects, the employment may be raised to a 40 hours per week contract.

The yearly salary for a 40 hours per week contract is 35,448 Euros. Five of the positions are reserved for female applicants.

The program is jointly organized by the faculties of Informatics, Mathematics and Geoinformation, reflecting the interdisciplinary character of distributed systems.

The research work of the doctoral program is split into four core parts of adaptive distributed systems, which are shared among the different institutes and faculties:

A) Foundation
B) Middleware
C) Modeling
D) Applications

The research topics of the doctoral program are:

– Robust Statistics
– Network Analysis
– Web Science
– Data Mining
– Scientific Computing
– Model Checking
– Service-oriented Computing
– Cloud Computing
– Human-provided Services
– Combinatorial Optimization
– Network Design
– Robotics
– Model Engineering
– Software Testing
– Web Engineering
– Recommender Systems
– Business Process Management
– Process Engineering
– Parallel Computing

The doctoral program is interdisciplinary and focuses on the development of scientific excellence in the field of adaptive distributed systems. Of particular importance is the cross-institute and cross-faculty character of the program, allowing for a holistic investigation of adaptive distributed systems.

The participating faculty members are:

– Prof. Dr. Schahram Dustdar, Institute of Information Systems
– Prof. Dr. Peter Filzmoser, Institute of Statistics and Probability Theory
– Prof. Dr. Gerti Kappel, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
– Prof. Dr. Jens Knoop, Institute of Computer Languages
– Prof. Dr. Günther Raidl, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms
– Prof. Dr. Joachim Schöberl, Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing
– Prof. Dr. Jesper Larsson Träff, Institute of Information Systems
– Prof. Dr. Helmut Veith, Institute of Information Systems
– Prof. Dr. Hannes Werthner, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems

Prerequisites for a successful application are a MSc or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Business Informatics, Mathematics or related fields, and an excellent record of study. Students must have a solid knowledge in computer science. Knowledge in one or more research topics targeted by the program is desired. Students may apply while still studying in their master’s program. However, the master’s program must be finished in order to commence the doctoral program.

Applications are solicited starting immediately until all positions are filled, but no longer than March 15, 2013. Candidate students are selected in selection meetings held by the participating faculty members.

The first selection meeting will be held on April 16, 2012, considering applications which are received until April 9, 2012 midnight.

Applications which are received after April 9, 2012 will be considered in the next upcoming selection meeting.

The exact dates for future selection meetings will be announced on the website of the doctoral program.

Further information about the program and the application procedure is available at

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