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Sursele inovatiei

Eric von Hippel a scris, in 1988, volumul Sources of Innovation.
La pagina 54 discuta despre preconditiile inovatiei in companii:

1. It must be difficult (expensive) for innovators to adopt new functional relationships to their innovations.
2. Innovators must have a poor ability to capture rent by licensing their innovation-related knowledge to others.

Prima as zice ca e nefericirea de a nu gasi colaboratori/de a performa roluri diferite.  A doua as exprima-o ca fiind „defectul” de a nu te vinde prea repede.

Mai departe explica oportunitatile unui inovator:

an innovator has only two routes toward capturing rents from an innovation: (1) exploiting the innovation himself while preventing others from doing so; (2) licensing others to use his innovation-related knowledge for a fee.

Merita sa cititi cartea.

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