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LarKC Workflow Challenge 2011

Use the Large Knowledge Collider to build the most innovative, surprising or sophisticated workflow http://www.larkc.eu

First price: €1000, second price: €500.

What to build?

Your workflow can perform any task of your choosing, and use any data sources you like.

We’ve already seen and built great workflows that:

  1. combine and interpret data streams from social networks
  2. integrate data from traffic flows, weather reports, city maps and POI’s
  3. search collections of research papers for genes implicated in cancer
  4. give location-aware info to city-travellers
  5. integrate massive amounts of heterogeneous biomedical data
  6. link personal calendar information with travel information

Important dates:

  • 15 July: statement of interest, expressing intention to participate
  • 1 September: submission deadline
  • 1 October: announcement of winning submissions

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Useful locations:

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